How to Look More Attractive Fast: The Role of Mastic Gum

Looks matter. And they matter a lot. All your life you're sold ways to become more attractive. Things like teeth whitening, makeup, hair products, or even plastic surgeries. But most things that claim to improve your looks don't solve the root cause of unattractiveness.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to look good no matter what haircut they have? Or people who look good in whatever clothes they wear? It's because their facial bone structure, which isn't genetic.

In fact, just a few decades ago, the average person had a far superior facial bone structure than they do today. 


This is due to our modern lifestyle. Our diets have never been more processed, meaning that we don't need to chew as much as before.

Ramen, Big Macs and smoothies don't require as much physical effort to chew as food 100 years ago. This manifests itself in a less attractive facial appearence from having a poorly developed bone structure.

In simple terms, that's why people chew mastic gum. It's very good at compensating for the lack of hard-to-chew food in the modern world. It's like a gym, a modern invention made to make up for the manual labor lost when we started working cushy desk jobs.

Over time, chewing mastic gum will improve your facial bone structure, even as an adult. The only reason why people think it's impossible is because they've never heard of mastic gum, a special type of gum that only comes from one island in the world.

Unlike other gums (plastic-based), mastic gum grows on the mastic tree. This tree is only found on the island of Chios, Greece. Mastic gum is also over 10 times harder than other gums on the market. It's so strong that it's quickly become known for improving facial attractiveness, despite only being available in the U.S. for a few years.

Mastic works like any other gum, so a simple chewing session once a day should suffice. Over time, chewing mastic gum will lead to a sharper, more angular jawline, an overall widening of the face, among other effects. These effects work to transform your facial appearence.

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