Our Story

After discovering the vast benefits of mastic gum some time ago, I was instantly hooked. The jaw workout was intense and the all natural alternative to chewing gum was something I loved.

But there was always issues with the gum on the market. I would order from Amazon, and the gum would be yellow and stale, making it powdery and un-chewable.

So I started looking to supply my gum directly out of Greece. The quality of the gum was better, but there was issues with the shipping. Not only would it take weeks to deliver, but it was expensive.

On top of this, the quality of the gum was always inconsistent. Often times, I would receive an order, to find it strewn with insects and plant matter, or even worse, completely melted.

I knew a solution was needed. So I founded Gum of Gods, in order to connect the best mastic gum on Earth to the people who care about quality.

I know you will appreciate the quality of our gum above all others, and I welcome you to the Gum of Gods family.

The founder, Harris

  • Sourced From the Top Farm in Chios

    We wholesale from the best mastic farm in Chios, to get you the best gum, for the best price. No more low quality mastic or expensive shipping rates for you.

  • The Freshest Batch, Always

    Our gum is always freshly harvested, and sent to you promptly. Other mastic companies, like the ones you find on Amazon, keep their gum for months or years on end, leaving it to turn stale, yellow, and not chewable!

  • Hand Harvested And Packed

    Our gum is carefully harvested and packed by hand, ensuring the tears are 100% pure. Because we pack the gum ourselves, you only get the highest quality tears.

  • US Based Fulfillement

    Buying sap from Greece is timely and expensive, and also runs the risk of the gum melting in transit. Since we are located in the United States, shipping is both quick and affordable, ensuring your gum arrives in pristine chewing condition.

    Us vs Them

    Our gum is the best mastic on the market. We sincerely challenge you to find better mastic than ours.