Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Gum of Gods.

  • What makes your gum the best?

    When harvested, all mastic resin is given a quality rating. We source our mastic resin from the top farm in Chios, assuring you get the highest quality, and nothing less. Our competitors get their mastic from cheaper sources, making it poor tasting, powdery when chewed, yellow, old, and stale! We guarantee you won't find better mastic anywhere else.

  • Does it really work?

    Of course! Anyone who has tried mastic gum can vouch for the incredible jaw workout it provides. A quick Google search brings up numerous studies showing that your face muscles can be built and toned like other muscles. Our gum trains 4 of these muscles in your face. With consistent chewing, you will see your cheek muscles tone and your jaw muscles build, fulfilling your genetic potential.

  • Does mastic gum cause jaw issues?

    Unlike other jaw strengthening products, mastic is not known to cause problems with the jaw! For the thousands of years that our ancestors have been chewing mastic, there has never been any correlation with jaw issues. However, we do recommend that those with prior jaw problems be hesitant with anything that works your jaw muscles.

  • What does it taste like?

    Our gum has an incredible all natural taste, that consists of eucalyptus, cedar, and pine. Not only does it give you the perfect fresh breath, but it kills bacteria and prevents cavities as well.

  • How is the gum made?

    The sap is harvested from the mastic trees on the Greek Island of Chios. It is hardened, then sliced into little pieces called tears. It is then packaged and sent to you.

  • How much comes in 1 pack?

    1 pack of gum contains a 30 day supply, or 25 grams of gum. The perfect amount to start developing your underworked face muscles.

  • Can I get a sample to try?

    Sure! Our sample packs include a 10 day supply, so you can get a taste and feel for the world's best gum. Click here to get some.

  • What is your refund policy?

    All customers are protected by our money back guarantee. Contact

    with any refund requests. Refunds are available to customers who have issues with our product.