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The Classic Pack

4.87 (91 reviews)

Join Over 10,000 Happy Customers And Counting

The Classic Pack

4.87 (91 reviews)

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The Only Gum That's Good For You.

Work your face muscles, unlock your breathing, and upgrade your health with our premium all natural chewing gum.

Our gum is a 100% natural tree sap, that has been chewed as gum for thousands of years.

Hand harvested and packed from the proud #1 supplier in North America.

4.87 (91 reviews)

Join Over 10,000 Happy Customers And Counting

Shop Now From The Top Supplier In North America

We are proud to supply the best mastic you can find, and nothing less.

We sincerely challenge you to find better mastic than ours.

Sourced From The Top Farm In Chios

The Freshest Batch, Always

Hand Harvested And Packed

US Based FulfillmentT

4.87 (91 reviews)

Join Over 10,000 Happy Customers And Counting

How We Compare

The future of head shaving is here - swift, hassle-free, and unparalleled in quality.


25g of premium chios mastic

Heat resistant packaging to prevent melting

5x the thickness or normal gum

100% natural exported from chios greece

Chewy large tears for optimal consistency

Fresh harvest indicated by white color

Raving Reviews From Happy Customers

  • A

    Angela Young

    I've tried Greco Gum, Apollo Gum, Neptune Gum, among others. None compares to the quality of Gum of Gods. GOG gum always comes right, with big pieces unless the "droplets" of some other brands. Don't even get me started on the no-name brands on Amazon that break into a million pieces before you even open the bag. Ughh.

  • J

    Jacob Lee

    Mixed Feelings… Taste/Experience: Amazing- the taste is so unique, chewing is fun, and leaves mouth feeling really fresh. Packaging/Value: Underwhelming- the “premium” pack is tiny. I love this stuff but you get so little for the price. Key Takeaway: If you have disposable income and want a mastic gum that tones your jawline and tastes great, buy this in multiple packs at a time

  • D

    Darren Shaw

    Bought this gum for the very first time, and immediately got hooked on its benefits! It's ability to bounce back from being melted, it's chewability is beyond compare! And, as an added benefit is a great sugar free and clean chew that I can use it to aid in my orthodontic pain management to strengthen my teeth as well!!

  • T


    I was skeptical because of the high price, but "GumofGods" works better than advertised. Regular gum either is bad for health with sugar or bad for pets with xylitol and strange chemicals (toxic for pets). Either of those forementioned options also leave me with bad breath while not chewing from messing up the microbiome of my mouth. This does works out my jaw as advertised, and even seems to help me fight nicotine cravings.

  • A

    Austin Zimmerman

    I've bought mastic gum from other companies on Amazon. None have been as consistently good as Gum of Gods.

  • R


    I wouldn’t waste money on this if I didn’t know anything about looksmaxxing. You have to be smart because it can be used for 5 minutes and thrown away or used to make you 2x as attractive

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