Benefits of Mastic Gum

Thanks to modern science, the health benefits of this miracle sap are now being rediscovered. The following benefits of mastic resin have been highlighted in:

  • Develops and Tones Face Muscles

    Mastic gum provides the perfect jaw workout. Users have reported a noticeable increase in definition around the cheek and jaw muscles. Those who have chewed mastic gum can vouch for the workout it provides, and that it develops and tones your face muscles.

  • Improves Dental Hygiene

    Those who chew mastic resin have no need to brush their teeth! Mastic gum kills bacteria and prevents cavities within the mouth due to its antibacterial, cyto-protective, and mild anti-secretory properties. In short, it prevents harmful bacteria from living in the mouth, preventing bad breath and improving the ecosystem of the mouth.

  • Better Digestive and Gut Health

    Indigestion or upset stomach? Just chew some mastic gum! One studied in particular showed that mastic gum relieved symptoms such as general stomach pain, stomach pain when anxious, heartburn, and dull aching in the upper abdomen in participants with indigestion problems.

  • Anti-Oxidant Properties

    Mastic gum is believed to have many antioxidant properties, and studies suggest it may be able to prevent cancer and heart disease. In a study done by the NCBI, they stated that "The results revealed that the mastic gum resin has potential to be developed as an anticancer and antioxidant product due to its high content of polyphenol compounds."

  • Improves Breathing and Widens Airways

    Engaging your jaw muscles releases stem cells, which promote optimal growth of the maxilla, a wider palate and larger airways. In another study, results showed that mastic gum may inhibit cells that cause airway inflammation due to hyperactivity when an allergen is present. Chewing this resin will help you breathe better.

  • Boosts Skin Health and Prevents Wrinkles

    Mastic gum engages the muscles in your face like nothing else. You can feel the burn of these underworked muscles being activated from just a few minutes of chewing! Many people chew mastic gum to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin by strengthening the muscles in their face.