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Body Detox Bundle

Body Detox Bundle

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Detox and reset your health with this bundle! Our Body Detox supplement will detox your body of heavy metals, plastics, and other toxins. Our Probiotic supplement will reset your gut health. And chew our Classic Pack to provide your body with the foundations to a newer you! Perfect for those who are fasting. This bundle is perfect for anyone looking to reset their health, the 100% natural way. This bundle contains a one month supply of each item to reset your health.


Mastic Gum Benefits:

- Works out Face and Jaw Muscles

- Improves Dental Hygiene

- Better Gut Health

- Strengthens Immunity

- Opens Sinuses and Airways

- Prevents Skin Wrinkles


Our gum has an incredible unique taste, that can be described as pine, eucalyptus, or even cedar. Not only does it give you the perfect fresh breath, but it kills bacteria and prevents cavities as well.


Classic Packs:

Single Pack: 25 Grams of gum. Lasts roughly 30 days.

Double Pack: 50 Grams of gum. Lasts roughly 60 days.

Triple Pack: 75 Grams of gum. Lasts roughly 90 days.

How to use

Choose a few tears to form a piece of gum based on desired chewing difficulty. Start chewing. Drink water to reduce stickiness and increase consistency for optimal chewing.


Our mastic gum is a 100% natural product, and has no added ingredients. It naturally contains alpha-mastihoretin, β-mastihoretin, essential oil, tannins, mastichin and mastic acid, unique terpenes such as α-pinene, β-mycene, β-karyophyllene, limonene and polyphenols.


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In some circumstances you may be eligible for a refund or product exchange. Contact our 24/7 support team for help if your package has any issues. We are happy to help.

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